5 Muscle Building Tips You Need To Know About

Are you a skinny guy looking to gain muscle? Maybe you’re a hard-gainer struggling to pack on mass or you may already be in great shape but need some pointers to progress even more. It doesn’t matter who you are, these muscle building tips can help you out.

Train With Light, Moderate And Heavy Weight

Most people have been told to focus on using light weight to get ripped or to use moderate weight to maintain gains or to lift heavy weight to gain weight. Forget all that and focus on using light, moderate and heavy weight in your workout routines. Every time you step foot in the gym, your workout should consist of lifting all kinds of weight.

If you usually do 12 sets in total for your chest, then four sets should be heavy, four sets should be moderate and four sets should be light weight. It doesn’t matter what order you do them in, just make sure your workout consists light, moderate and heavy weight.

Make These Exercises A Staple In Your Routine

There are four exercises that should remain a staple of all your weight workouts. Those exercises is the dead-lift, the bench press, barbell squats and shoulder presses. You should also keep rows as a staple, but the choice is up to you. All of those exercises are compound movements, meaning they incorporate multiple muscles. By keeping them part of your routine, you will pack on the mass.

Do A Shock Routine Once Per Month

Either at the beginning or the ending of each month, you should do a shock routine. This routine can consist of doing strictly power-lifting movements with heavy weight or doing giant sets with light weight and high reps. You can train your entire body with weights, too. Set aside one day per month to do your shock routine.

Make Eating A Habit

Eating should be second-nature to you. Make eating and training a habit if you’re serious about building muscle. Eat 3-5 small meals per day or eat 3 small meals and have 2-3 meal replacement shakes per day. Once per week go and visit an all-you-can eat buffet and take in as many calories as possible. Only do that if you’re a hard-gainer and has difficulties building muscle mass.

If you have a hard time sitting down and eating, what you can do is prepare your lunches and dinners the previous day. This will save you time because the next day you can simply defrost your food or bring it with you on the go.

Limit Activity Outside The Gym

It’s always a good idea to be active, but if you’re a hard-gainer or you want to build a lot of muscle, then limit your activity. It’s simple, when you move around you burn calories. In normal circumstances burning calories is a good thing, but if your goal is to build as much muscle as possible, then it’s not exactly a good thing. As a rule of thumb, you should do as little as possible outside of the gym and only do things when you absolutely have to. Do this for about a month or two and you should see some great results.

Building muscle is possible and can be easy. If you want to pack on muscle mass with ease, then give the above tips a try.