Understanding The Pros And Cons Of Anabolic Steroids Before Your First Cycle

If you’re a dedicated bodybuilder who spends any significant amount of time in the gym, then you already know how common and important anabolic steroids can be in this environment. In fact, just about every bodybuilder you know has either used or considered using these products at one point in time. Given the wealth of information that speaks against anabolic steroids, you may be surprised that people still rely on these to push them closer to their training goals. The vital thing to note, however, is that anabolic steroids are just as rich with benefits as they are with drawbacks. Moreover, there are a number of simple steps that you can take to mitigate and limit the cons of using products like these.

Build Bigger Muscles And Cut Fat Faster

The obvious benefits of anabolic steroids include the fact that they help you build muscle faster, cut fat faster and recover quickly. In the most basic sense, when you use anabolic steroids, you are only adding more of the chemicals that are already in your body, albeit in slightly altered forms. As such, you’re providing more of the building blocks or raw materials that are necessary for gaining bigger muscles, increased respiratory endurance, a top-performing metabolism and better performance all-around.

The Drawbacks Of Anabolic Steroids

With anabolic steroids, you have to understand that too much of any good thing is guaranteed to have negative effects. In this sense, you can think of these products as a large, decadent cake. While a slice will taste good and maybe even elevate your mood, eating the entire cake will make you feel nauseous, unhappy and unhealthy, even though your body is capable of tolerating this sugary dessert in more modest amounts. Thus, although anabolic steroids are identical to or similar to many of the chemicals that are already present in your body, they are a lot like have a second slice of cake or even a third or fourth, depending upon how aggressive you are in your dosing. You have to remember that the first slice is already, naturally in your body.

With this in mind, the first and most important step in mitigating the potential side effects of anabolic steroids is limiting your dose. Always start with the most modest dose that the manufacturer has recommended and then gradually work your way up, never exceeding the limits that have been set by the manufacturer. Another effective strategy for mitigating the physiological effects of having your cake and eating it too is to start on-cycle support and to follow this with an equally effective off-cycle support product once your cycle has ended.